GTP R&D: W, WC, RTP Powders

The R&D group that supports tungsten oxides, tungsten metal powders, tungsten carbide powders, and ready-to-press powders is positioned to provide applications engineering advice on currently available products as well as development of new products based on customers’ requirements. The group is organized to match the manufacturing areas it supports having the ability to develop and investigate processes and products on both pilot scale and production scale equipment. This ensures product quality and process consistency are maintained during scale up from R&D sample to production size lots. The group has the following equipment to accomplish this goal:


Tungsten Oxide

  • R&D pilot scale rotary furnace for converting APT to various tungsten oxides with the ability to use multiple atmospheres,
  • Blending equipment for homogenization that allows dopant spraying required for particle growth during reduction or for lighting applications.


Tungsten Metal Powder

  • Full size tungsten reduction furnace using reduction boats that match manufacturing size boats.
  • R&D size reduction furnaces,
  • Sieving / sifting unit that matches the type used in manufacturing,
  • Milling equipment including jaw crushers and hammermills,
  • Air classification equipment to cut the powder at desired sizes,
  • Various size blending equipment for homogenization that allows blends from 1 to 150kg.


Tungsten Carbide Powder

  • Ball milling equipment for carbon and cubic carbide additions pre-carburization,
  • Carburization boat loading processing matching manufacturing,
  • High temperature R&D size carburization furnaces,
  • Finish milling equipment including ball milling, attritor milling, and jet milling.


RTP Powders

  • R&D size attritor mills for cobalt and wax slurrying before spraying,
  • R&D size aqueous spray dryer,
  • Presses for producing test parts,
  • Graphite sintering furnace with the ability to use vacuum, hydrogen, or argon overpressure conditions.

Physical Test Methods Available at GTP

  • FSSS, Particle Size Distribution (PSD) – Microtrac, Malvern, Camsizer, Coulter
  • BET for surface area
  • Powder rheometry,
  • Wettability testing
  • Wear Testing: B6111, G65, G75, G76
  • Cemented carbide property testing – Hardness, Magnetic saturation, Coercive force, Transverse Rupture Strength (TRS), tensile testing,
  • Microstructural photos and grading (Alpha or L rating, E rating, N rating),

 Chemical Test Methods Available at GTP

  • optical emission (OES),
  • x-ray fluorescence (XRF),
  • carbon gas fusion (LECO),
  • atomic absorption (AA)

Other Test Methods Available at GTP

  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM),
  • Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA),
  • Dilatometry,
  • X-Ray Diffraction (XRD).


For more information on our research in tungsten products, please contact one of our research scientits.

E-mail Tom Jewett, Ph.D. or call +1 570 268 5349
E-mail Greg Marking, Ph.D. or call +1 570 268 5402