MT-104 Molybdenum Alloy

MT-104 is a powder-metallurgical alloy developed by Global Tungsten & Powders for elevated temperature applications requiring higher hardness and strength than unalloyed molybdenum. The nominal composition of MT-104 by weight percentage is 0.5% Ti, 0.08% Zr, 0.025% C, with the balance Mo.

Global Tungsten & Powders offers MT-104 in pressed and sintered shapes as cylinders, slabs, rings, and tubes specifically for extruding, forging, or rolling.  MT-104 has pronounced advantages over vacuum-arc-melted material (TZM) of similar composition. MT-104 is significantly less expensive to produce.  MT-104 has a homogeneous composition since segregation during solidification cannot occur.  These advantages directly result from powder-metallurgical preparation of the alloy.

The properties of worked MT-104 are markedly superior to worked unalloyed molybdenum. Applications where MT-104 has demonstrated superior performance are: Aerospace Applications, High-Temperature Furnace Parts, or Isothermal Forging Compounds.


Properties of MT-104 Which Recommend the Use of It for Other Applications

  • High-thermal conductivity and high hardness
  • High elastic modulus
  • Excellent resistance to chemical attack
  • Good resistance to thermal shock


Like molybdenum and all molybdenum alloys, MT-104 oxidizes rapidly in air above
1200 °F (650 °C) and must be protected by coatings/ non-oxidizing atmospheres.


Pressed and sintered MT-104 is available in shapes such as cylindrical billets, slabs, rings, and tube blanks. Inquiries concerning special shapes and cross sections greater than those given below are welcomed. Billets weighing over 13,000 pounds have been pressed, sintered, and forged successfully.

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