Our Locations

Global Tungsten & Powders manufacturing facilities are strategically located in the United States and Central Europe. GTP has sales support offices located throughout the world.  For additional information about GTP locations, please click on "contact us."

Headquarters - GTP Towanda

Global Tungsten & Powders
1 Hawes Street                                      Products:
Towanda, PA 18848                              Tungsten Oxide, Tungsten & Tungsten Carbide
United States                                         Powders, RTP Grade Powders, Thermal Spray
Phone: +1 570-268-5000                       Powders, Molybdenum Powders, Semi finished
Fax:     +1 570-268-5160                       Tungsten & Moly Parts, Interconnect Plates for
e-mail: info@globaltungsten.com          Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Recycling and Toll
Visit contact us for more info                 Conversion and Laboratory Services

GTP Bruntal

Global Tungsten & Powders                      Products:                       
Zahradni 1442/46                                      Tungsten and Tungsten-    
Bruntal 792 01                                           Carbide Powders and Laboratory services                                     
Czech Republic                                         

Phone: +42 (0) 555 559 301
Fax:      +42 (0) 555 559 302

GTP Tikomet

GTP Tikomet                                              Products:                                                     
Iskutie 9                                                     Zinc Reclaimed Tungsten &                                             
FIN-40320 Jyvaskyla                                 Tungsten Carbide Powders                         
FINLAND                                                   Conversion Services
Tel. +358 20 766 9550