Near-term outlook for tungsten demand and supply

The UK-based Roskill Group recently published a near-term outlook for the global tungsten market which we feel is worth sharing.

This video interview with Roskill's Jessica Roberts reveals insights in the future challenges of the global tungsten market. Despite a tightening raw material supply the demand for tungsten will remain quite high. This gives us the opportunity to emphasize our security of supply due to our flexibility in raw materials between concentrates and secondary raw materials. GTP holds shares in tungsten mines which will be in operation for many more years. Additionally, GTP meets customers' needs with high quality tungsten powders manufactured from hard metal scrap.

See the video at Roskill's webpage here.

The only aspect we need to add is that tungsten indeed is a "sexy metal". :-) Just think of all the exotic, cutting edge, high-tech applications. Below are some examples aside the traditional tool-making. 

Tungsten makes microwaves work
It's tungsten that's balancing helicopter blades
Is tungsten used in my mobile?
Whether it's Netflix or at the movies, tungsten is there.
How to switch a transmission line on or off?


 And these are just examples - get in touch if you want to know more!

Think tungsten - think GTP!