Cobalt Powder

As a full-service supplier to the cemented carbide industry, Global Tungsten & Powders also offers cobalt powders. GTP reclaims high purity cobalt powders through recycling. GTP works closely with customers to recycle tooling inserts, drill bits, or wear parts.

Cobalt powder is used in cemented carbides as a binder. Cobalt with high purity, fine particle size and consistent particle size distribution is important because it assures proper distribution of particles which aids in the uniformtiy of liquid-phase sintering and helps to eliminate fine porosity.  The shape of the particles is related to ease of flow so cobalt particles must be small initally or deagglomerate or break up during milling.  Distribution efficiency – consistent particle size distribution – is more important when carbide particles are small and the cobalt content is low.

GTP offers six types of cobalt.


  • Unwaxed Ultra-Fine
  • Waxed Ultra-Fine – PEG
  • Waxed Ultra-Fine – Paraffin


  • Unwaxed Extra-Fine
  • Waxed Extra-Fine PEG
  • Waxed Extra-Fine - Paraffin



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