Government / Defense

GTP has been a valued supplier to the Government for since the 1940's.  GTP has a dedicated R&D staff in this area and has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment.  GTP manufactures products used in ammunition, aircraft, fuses, radar technology, satellites, and other products.  Our tungsten and molybdenum materials offer properties that are beneficial in these applications.  Our powders are made to exacting specifications and are very pure.  Collaboration with our customers is essential to development in this industry.  Many of the products we manufacture are for new and cutting edge applications.  Our partnerships allow us to engineer our materials achieving specific properties required by our customers.

• Ammunition (penetrators, fragmenting warheads, canister rounds)
• Aircraft (thermal spray powders, plate)
• Missiles (rocket nozzles, throats, inserts)
• Satellites (gold plated wire)

• Cubes & Spheres (Tungsten Heavy Alloy)