Energy Exploration

GTP is proud to help our customers in their never ending search to satisfy global energy needs.  GTP has partnered with some of the most important names in the energy world to help develop powders and products that will increase efficiency, drive down costs, reduce waste and power our future in environmentally friendly ways.  Energy is a requirement in nearly every moment of our day not to mention at the core of every nations security.  GTP is committed to assisting in the advancement of the search for energy.

• Green Energy (molybdenum powders, tungsten powders, tungsten carbide)
• Metal Cutting tools (tungsten carbide powders)
• Mining & Drilling (tungsten carbide powders, Tungsten Powder for Drilling Applications)
• Oil and Gas extraction (tungsten powders)
• Refining (ammonium metatungstate)

Energy Segment Brochure