Molybdenum Powders

Molybdenum is a very versatile metal used in a wide range of applications. The most common use of molybdenum is as an additive in various types of steel. Over 70% of molybdenum produced goes into stainless, structural and tool steels. Moly provides corrosion resistance to stainless steel and reduces cracking, increases high temperature strength and improves weldability in structural and tool steels. Additional uses for moly include chemicals for petroleum refining and lubricants, filament materials, electrodes, and aircraft applications. Molybdenum is classified as a heavy metal but is much less toxic than other heavy metals, this makes it an attractive substitute for materials like lead and mercury.

Global Tungsten & Powders has been producing molybdenum powders since the 1960’s. Initially we produced molybdenum for use in lighting applications but quickly expanded to provide powders and parts used in the electronics and aerospace industry. GTP today offers two types of molybdenum powders which vary in particle size.

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GradeScreenedFSSS Range (μm)Bulk Density (g/cm3)
Mo380100 Mesh3.3 - 4.31.0 - 2.2
Mo460100 Mesh or
140 Mesh
4.0 - 5.21.0 - 2.2



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