Powders for Energy Exploration

GTP began producing tungsten powders over 70 years ago.  Over this time we have pioneered advanced processess to manufacture the highest quality powders in the industry. We are constantly working with our customers in the energy industry to develop powders for use in new and impoved products like body, shoulder and face powder for use in down-hole drilling applications.  GTP’s tungsten powders offer the purity and particle size uniformity demanded by the petrochemical industry.

Enermet Family of Powders to the Oil and Gas Industry

As with all our tungsten products, including powders used for energy exploration, we start with internally produced APT.  In addition to our raw material flexibility, our vertical integration provides you with an industry leading security of supply. 

GTP offers a wide range of tungsten powders for use in the energy sector:

Tungsten Powder:

GTP manufactures tungsten powders for use in drilling applications – shoulder, body, and face powders – these powders are desgined to stand up to extremely harsh conditions.  Our powders are engineered to varying degrees of agglomeration to meet infiltration and machining requirements.  Additionally, our Tungstar™ powders, specifically designed tungsten powders as well as tungsten copper composites, are used in shaped charge manufacturing.



Ultra Coarse Tungsten carbide (UC-WC):

GTP utilizes a proprietary process to manufactures Ultra Coarse Tungsten carbide (UC-WC) powders for wear resistant applications. The UC-WC powders are monocrystalline and exhibit good wetting and infiltration properties like high temperature strength, superior wear resistance and good toughness. The powders  are ideally developed for manufacturing of PDC bits to withstand the severe operating conditions resulting in extended life of the bit and lower drilling costs.


Ready-to-Press Grade Powders:

Ready-to-press grade powders produced by GTP are free flowing formulations that can be used as starting materials in the production of mud nozzles, cutting inserts and substrates for PDC cutters.  We have manufactured hundreds of specialized grade powders over the past 40+ years meeting the specific needs of customers in numerous industries, including the energy sector.


Ammonium Metatungstate:

AMT is used in the production of tungsten catalysts for a variety of reactions used by the petrochemical industry.



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