Power Generation

There are many alternative forms of energy generation with focus being centered on a few technologies more so than others – Solar, Wind, and Fuel Cell. For many years, large investments were made in the research and development of these technologies with many pilot projects all over the world advancing the technology trying to achieve the most efficient materials and process. And, in recent years, break-throughs have led to the world witnessing a huge scale up in manufacturing of Solar and Wind technologies. Customers of all types - residential, commercial, and industrial, are buying into these technologies and installing these systems globally.

Similarly, SOFC technology has proved itself to be on the same path. Technology advancements and successful pilot projects have led to the manufacturing scale up. GTP has made a substantial investment in its manufacturing capabilities for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Interconnect plates. These plates play a critical role in the SOFC technology and will help ensure its success in the marketplace. So, for GTP and its customers, these products are very important to future growth.

GTP has designed a process that will supply a highly technical product for a very demanding application made to a tight quality standard. GTP understands the importance of this product, is focused on quality and has made a real commitment to its customer and looks forward to continued collaboration assuring future success.

The various materials used for these parts are critical to success. Security of supply and having the best material available is absolutely important to being able to produce such a demanding part. GTP has developed a supply chain that will help to ensure there are no delays or shortages in raw material supply. GTP also ensures that none of our materials used originate from any of the Conflict regions.

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