Ready-to-Press Grade Powders

Ready-to-Press tungsten carbide grade powders are free flowing powders ready to use as starting materials in the production of cemented carbide tools, wear parts, and other precision components. Since the 1970's, GTP has designed and manufactured hundreds of custom grades for shipment around the world. In our grades, we use inhibitors such as VC, CrC, MoC, TaC, TaNbC, NbC, TiC with cobalt, nickel and iron binders. We have produced different variations ranging from micrograin to ultracourse straight grades to complex alloy grades. Because each grade is different, it is critical that there is a strong link between the powder supplier and the parts fabricator. GTP has the experience and expertise to provide that link. Our technical team is dedicated to developing a powder that meets your specific requirements.

Critical Characteristics of Cemented Tungsten Carbide:

  • Wear resistance, hardness - ability of one material to wear, abrade, deform or indent another material

  • Compressive strength - a measure of a material’s ability to withstand compressive forces, where it is squeezed laterally

  • Impact strength - measure of a material’s ability to withstand mechanical shock 

  • Transverse rupture strength - stress required to break a specimen; used to evaluate mechanical strength

  • Tribological properties - dealing with interacting surfaces in relative motion, a process leading to wear

  • Specific weight, density - a means of quality control, cemented WC approaches theoretical density when sintered

  • Magnetic properties - magnetic saturation & coercivity are measures of how well cemented carbides have been sintered

  • Modulus of elasticity, rigidity - a measure of how a material or structure will deform and strain when placed under stress 

  • Thermal shock resistance - measure of a materials ability to withstand major temperature changes without cracking

  • Corrosion resistance - resistance to the interaction between oxygen molecules and the substances it interacts with

Various Applications for Ready-to-Press Powders:

Security of Supply

Global Tungsten & Powders has exclusive supply agreements and an ownership stake in mines throughout the world. We are certified by the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) as a conflict free smelter, meaning we do not source from conflict regions around the world. From ore concentrate we produce our APT, tungsten oxide, tungsten powder, and tungsten carbide. Additionally, we have the capability to produce APT from secondary raw materials (SRM or scrap). Our flexible front end allows us to ensure a consistent stream of product and helps you manage costs.

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