Thermal Spray Powders

Critical applications require the highest quality products. Global Tungsten & Powders has been developing and manufacturing industry leading tungsten carbide based, molybdenum, and chrome based thermal spray powders for over 40 years. Many of our powders are approved for some of the world’s most demanding applications. Whether you are responsible for jet engine components or deep hole drill bits, you can rely on GTP to provide the materials you need to stand up to the harshest environments. If corrosion issues are wearing on you, GTP can put your mind at ease.

GTP thermal spray powders include:

  • Tungsten Carbide based powders

    These powders are typically over 80% WC and contain other materials including cobalt, chromium, and nickel in varying percentages based on the application. These powders are well suited for use in the hydroelectric and aerospace industries, as well as others.


  • Chrome based powders

    These powders are typically chromium based with a wide range of constituents including tungsten carbide, cobalt, nickel and carbon. Chrome based powders are often used in, but not limited to, the paper and petrochemical industries
  • Molybdenum powders

    Molybdenum powders are usually pure moly with some trace elements. GTP does offer some molybdenum powders with added chrome to help improve wear resistance. Moly powders are commonly used in the automotive and plastics industries.

Below are some of the important characteristics of thermal spray powders:

  • Wear resistance, hardness - ability of one material to wear, abrade, deform or indent another material

  • Transverse rupture strength - stress required to break a specimen; used to evaluate mechanical strength

  • Tribological properties - dealing with interacting surfaces in relative motion, a process leading to wear

  • Specific weight, density - a means of quality control, cemented WC approaches theoretical density when sintered

  • Thermal shock resistance - measure of a materials ability to withstand major temperature changes
    without cracking

  • Corrosion resistance - resistance to the interaction between oxygen molecules and the substances it interacts with

  • Tensile Adhesion - stress required to break the bond between coating and substrate; evaluates coating adhesion strength

Three of the most important characteristics of thermal spray powders are wear resistance, toughness and corrosion resistance. To the right is a representation of where several GTP tungsten carbide and chromium carbide powders fall in relation to these features.

Thermal spray powders are some of the most unique powders produced today. We have shown our "standard" powders in this brochure, when it comes to thermal spray powders, there is no such thing as “standard.” GTP has developed hundreds of thermal spray powder types over the years and will work closely with you to produce a powder that meets your specific needs.

Typically each lot is packaged in a plastic bag inside a metal pail. Each pail contains 25 kilograms of thermal spray powder per pail. Alternative packaging can be discussed at time of order placement (for example, 5 kg orange plastic bottles).

Lot data for the above physical and chemical specifications is reported in a certificate of analysis that is
provided for each batch. Additional Information is available upon request.

The GTP Family of Thermal Spray Powders

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