Zinc Reclaimed WC-Co Powders

Tungsten carbide-cobalt powders produced from the zinc reclaim process provide a cost-effective and dependable addition to you supply-chain.  GTP purchases high quality hardmetal scrap as a raw material and manufacture several grades of tungsten carbide-cobalt powders.  GTP zinced powders are used in a wide range of markets including tire studs, energy exploration, construction, automotive and mining, to name a few.  The powders we produce are specifically desinged to meet the stringent requirements of these industries.

Reclaimed Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt (WC-Co) Powders:

We offer a powders ranging from Submicron (Type S) with an average sintered WC grain size of 0.5 – 0.8 µm to Extra Coarse (Type EC) with an average WC grain size of 6.0 – 10.00 µm. Depending on which type we are producing, cobalt content will range between 6 to 10%, our finer types (S and F) include chrome carbide and vanadium carbide. We also produce powders for tire studs and inserts that are engineered for use directly in these products. The zinc process is an environmentally friendly form of recycling reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions vs. the production of virgin powders.

Conversion Services:

We offer conversion processing services.  We take high quality sintered hardmetal scrap that our customers provide and produce tungsten carbide-cobalt powders.  We offer high quality powders and quick lead times.  Customers should consider the zinc recycling process when your scrap is clean and of uniform quality, i.e. the same type of scrap.  If your scrap is mixed or contaminated, you should consider chemical recycling; chemical recycling services are also provided by GTP.

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