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Health and Safety

GTP´s Commitment to Health and Safety

At GTP we feel that safety in the workplace is as important as anything we do in business.

Our safety program is centered on several key factors:

Management Commitment

Management places the highest regard on workplace safety.  Whenever necessary, safety concerns take precedence over production issues.

Employee Involvement

Employees from all areas are members of our Safety Steering Committee, input from our employees on what we are doing right and what we could improve upon is encouraged. Many of our employees are members of our Emergency Services Organization, these are our first responders in case of an incident.

Identification and Subsequent Control of Hazards

Employees are encouraged to talk to supervisors and managers whenever they see a situation that is unsafe. Additionally, employees are authorized and encouraged to clear a work area if there is immediate danger.

Compliance with Regulations

GTP complies with all local, state and federal safety regulations. To ensure this, GTP has policies pertaining to applicable regulations that are regularly audited by our EHS Department.

Continuous Improvement

The safety of our employees is of the highest importance.  Constantly striving to improve our policies and practices is an important part of our safety program.


Our Emergency Services Organization goes through regular training exercises on-site and with local fire companies to ensure we are prepared for any incident. Additionally, our employees attend regular safety meetings to ensure everyone is up to date on the latest safety information.

Plant wide initiatives in place to support our safety programs include:

Safety Steering Committee

Representatives from all areas of the facility including management and production, regularly meet to establish our “best practices” to continually improve our safety performance.

Community Involvement

We conduct regular exercises with local police, fire and rescue personnel.

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