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Tolling Services

At GTP we have cultivated a number of relationships with tungsten mines throughout the world.  While we regularly process our own raw materials, we are also open to discussing toll agreements. In a typical agreement, you would send us your raw material and we would return a tungsten product of your specification.  Processing your secondary raw materials or tungsten ore into finished product can be advantageous for both parties.

Tungsten Raw Material Recycling Form


Global Tungsten & Powders takes its commitment to the environment very seriously. Recycling is a key aspect of our efforts to preserve our natural resources.

As part of our commitment, the GTP family of companies offers the widest range of tungsten recycling programs (chemical recycling, zinc reclaim, tolling) in the world. Our tungsten recycling programs not only make sense economically but also offer a closed loop within the industry, this saves resources, reduces emissions, and minimizes our impact on the environment.

In addition to working within the industry to recycle tungsten based raw materials, at GTP, we also recycle and reuse key process materials such as hydrogen, ammonia, and water.

Over the years, we have spent tens of millions of dollars maintaining and upgrading our waste treatment and material recovery systems.

We will continue to upgrade and maintain these systems to preserve our planet for future generations.

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