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Your Career at GTP

Your Career at GTP

Here at GTP you can find professional job openings in many different fields such as engineering, production, finance, information technology, logistics, research & development, accounting, human resources, sales & marketing, or purchasing. Our company prides itself in having some of the most innovative and professional employees and we are always looking to add to our talent pool.

Being a part of the Plansee Group also gives our employees a chance to seek job advancement in a multinational corporation. The Plansee Group operates 36 production sites in 16 countries. Once you start with GTP you can advance your career through on-the-job-experiences and training and education programs within the GTP Group as well as the Plansee Group. As examples, such education programs are the General Management Training, Emerging Leaders Program, Global 8D, Supervisor Trainings, SixSigma & Lean Manufacturing Trainings, Business Simulation Trainings, and Safety & Environmental trainigs.

Opportunities for Students

For students GTP offers job shadowing programs to help them explore a range of career options, expand networking contacts, build interview skills, and to become aware of trends and challenges in a specific field of technology. Approach our human resources and recruiting specialists for in-depth information and about job shadowing opportunities.

For college and university students we offer co-op programs and internships regularly. This is one of the best ways to improve knowledge through hands-on experience in a field related to your studies. These programs boost your resume, build professional connections, and enhance workplace readiness.

For an internship you must be enrolled in an accredited college or university or be a recent graduate. Recent graduate means the student must have completed his/her degree within the past 12 months. Internships and co-op programs are posted as job openings on our open positions page.

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