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Zinc Reclaimed WC-Co Powders

Tungsten carbide-cobalt powders produced utilizing the zinc reclaim process provide a cost-effective and dependable addition to you supply-chain.  GTP purchases high quality hard metal scrap as a raw material and manufactures several grades of tungsten carbide-cobalt powders. GTP zinced powders are used in a wide range of markets including the tooling industry, tire studs, energy exploration, construction, automotive and mining, to name a few. The powders we produce are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of these industries.

Reclaimed Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt (WC-Co) Powders

We offer conversion processing services for the chemical as well as for the zinc recycling process. High-quality sintered hard metal scrap such as cutting inserts, drill bits, and other tungsten based hard metal parts can be converted to high-quality tungsten carbide cobalt powder utilizing the environmentally friendly and cost-effective zinc-process with quick turnaround times.

The zinc process is especially beneficial converting clean and uniform tungsten carbide products at the end of their life cycle. For mixed scrap or tungsten containing grinding sludge GTP offers a chemical recycling route.

Conversion Services

GTP offers a broad range of submicron powders with an average sintered WC grain size of 0.8 – 1.3 µm up to extra-coarse powders with an average WC grain size of 6.0 – 10.00 µm with a cobalt content between 6 to 20%. We also produce powders for tire studs and for cutting inserts that are engineered for use directly in these products. The zinc process is an environmentally friendly form of recycling reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in comparison to the traditional production of virgin powders.

For Europe and Asia:

Teemu Liukkonen | Director of Sales & Marketing

Office Phone: +358 20 766 9550
Cell Phone: +358 40 753 3202

For the Americas:

Julianne Packard | Head of Sales USA

Office Phone: +1 570 268 5406
Cell Phone: +1 570 485 9550

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