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Tungsten Chemicals

GTP tungsten chemicals – Ammonium Paratungstate (APT), Ammonium Metatungstate (AMT), and Tungsten Oxide – are manufactured from both secondary raw material or virgin tungsten ore concentrates, including wolframite, hubnerite, and scheelite.
It is our vertical integration and our Western supply chain that allow us to provide our customers with the high-quality tungsten products while maintaining security of supply and controlling costs. Our raw material flexibility ensures a consistent flow of material through our manufacturing processes.

Ammonium Paratungstate (APT)

At our production facility in the USA, we have been manufacturing APT for over 50 years, pioneering many of the techniques that are utilized today. At GTP the APT we produce is very pure with impurity levels below 0.003%. GTP ammonium paratungstate is used as a source for high-purity tungsten oxides, tungsten metal powders, carbides, or as a laboratory reagent.

Other applications are in the fields of absorbent gels, coloring agent in the porcelain industry, and in the catalyst industry. Our APT is used to manufacture products in numerous different market segments including aerospace, electronics, hard materials, energy, and others.

We manufacture APT as a starting material for further processing in-house as well as for external sale.

Ammonium Metatungstate (AMT)

Manufacture of ammonium metatungstate starts with APT and only requires a few additional processing steps including roasting, digesting, filtering, evaporating, and spray drying.

AMT is a source of high-purity, water-soluble tungsten which is essentially free of alkali and other metallic impurities.

It is mainly used as a raw material in the production of tungsten catalysts for a variety of reactions including oxidation, hydroxylation, hydrogenation, and polymerization. Additionally, AMT is used as a catalyst in the petrochemical industry.

Tungsten Oxide

Tungsten trioxide is a thermally stable and water insoluble tungsten compound. Tungsten trioxide and tungsten blue and violet oxides are used in the production of tungsten metal powders.

Tungsten oxides are produced from internally manufactured ammonium paratungstate (APT).
GTP produces several different types of tungsten oxides with the major difference being the oxygen content.

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