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Tungsten & Molybdenum Parts

Tungsten and Molybdenum Components

GTP has been an important supplier of tungsten, tungsten heavy alloy, molybdenum, and molybdenum alloy components and parts. Global Tungsten & Powders has an integrated supply chain that allows us to offer an unmatched security of supply. GTP is also certified as a conflict free smelter by the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI). We work closely with our customers to ensure our tungsten and molybdenum products meet the needs of this demanding market segment.
MT-104 Molybdenum Alloy Components (also known as TZM)
Molybdenum Billets and Parts
Tungsten and Tungsten Heavy Alloy Components

MT-104 Molybdenum Alloy

MT-104 is a powder-metallurgical alloy developed by Global Tungsten & Powders. for elevated temperature applications requiring higher hardness and strength than unalloyed molybdenum. The nominal composition of MT-104 by weight percentage is 0.5% Ti, 0.08% Zr, 0.025% C, with the balance Mo.
Global Tungsten & Powders. offers MT-104 in pressed and sintered shapes as cylinders, slabs, rings, and tubes specifically for extruding, forging, or rolling. MT-104 has pronounced advantages over vacuum-arc-melted material (TZM) of similar composition. MT-104 is significantly less expensive to produce. MT-104 has a homogeneous composition since segregation during solidification cannot occur. These advantages directly result from powder-metallurgical preparation of the alloy.
The properties of worked MT-104 are markedly superior to worked unalloyed molybdenum. Applications where MT-104 has demonstrated superior performance are:

Aerospace applications:


High-Temperature Furnace Parts


Isothermal Forging Compounds for Titanium and Superalloy Forging

Extrusion Component for Al, Mg, Fe, and Zn


Properties of MT-104 Which Recommend the Use of It for Other Applications


Like molybdenum and all molybdenum alloys, MT-104 oxidizes rapidly in air above 1200 °F (650 °C) and must be protected by coatings/ non-oxidizing atmospheres


Pressed and sintered MT-104 is available in shapes such as cylindrical billets, slabs, rings, and tube blanks. Inquiries concerning special shapes and cross sections greater than those given below are welcomed. Billets weighing over 13,000 pounds have been pressed, sintered, and forged successfully.

Ryan Smith
Product Manager
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Molybdenum Pressed and Sintered Parts

GTP’s pressed and sintered molybdenum is a hydrogen-reduced powder consolidated to a high density. It is designed either to serve as stock for forging, rolling, and extruding, or as finished components for specialized applications. A chemically purified ammonium molybdate is converted to molybdenum dioxide, reduced to molybdenum powder, consolidated by isostatic pressing*, and sintered in pure hydrogen to a density exceeding 94% of the theoretical density of 10.22 g/cm3. The common shapes are cylinders, bars, rings, and tubes. The metallographic structures are fine-grained and equiaxed. GTP also manufactures mechanically pressed, hydrogen-sintered molybdenum parts, which are generally smaller pieces requiring closer dimension tolerances.

GTP’s pressed and sintered molybdenum has a minimum density of 9.6 g/cm3, which is 94% of the theoretical density of 10.22 g/cm3.
Molybdenum is the most commonly used refractory metal for high temperature applications. It is also useful for heat shields in high-temperature furnaces, where the temperature is not high enough to require tantalum or tungsten, which are more costly. Molybdenum melts at 2620 °C (4750 °F) and has useful strength up to about 1650 °C (3000 °F). Molybdenum maintains good corrosion resistance in non-oxidizing wet or dry reducing atmospheres. Molybdenum is excellent for use in contact with molten glasses. It should be considered for any unusual non-oxidizing chemical environments at low and at high temperatures as it works efficiently in both instances.

Ryan Smith
Product Manager
Office Phone: +1 570 268 5311
Mobile Phone: +1 570 239 5474

Tungsten and Tungsten Heavy Alloy Components

Global Tungsten & Powders. has over 70 years of experience in advanced powder metallurgy. Over this time GTP has developed several materials for use in the aerospace industry. GTP has developed products that reduce or eliminate the environmental concerns of lead, cobalt and depleted uranium. GTP is a vertically integrated manufacturer with the capability to process both tungsten ore and recycle scrap (secondary raw material). We source our raw material from all over the world, excluding China and conflict regions, providing you with a critical security of supply.

Below is chart showing tungsten heavy alloy ranges that GTP is capable of providing:

ASTM B777 Class Nominal Density (g/cc) Density Range (g/cc) Nominal Tungsten Content (%) Maximum Hardness (HCR) Minimum Ultimate Tensile Strength (ksi) Minimum Yield Strength (ksi) Minimum  Elongation (%)
1 17 16.85-17.25 90 32 110 75 5
2 17.5 17.15-17.85 92.5 33 110 75 5
3 18 17.75-18.35 95 34 105 75 3
4 18.5 18.25-18.85 97 35 100 75 2

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