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Research & Development

The goal of the Research and Development team at Global Tungsten & Powders is to advance our position in materials science and technology. Working with the marketing and sales team, R&D’s efforts focus on GTP’s core businesses and emerging technologies. Our strengths include, extraction, synthesis, purification, compaction, sintering, thermos-mechanical metalworking, plasma processing and analysis and testing of refractory metals and alloys. We work closely with our counterparts at our customers, universities, the US Government, the US Military, and US National laboratories.

Our research group is committed to new product development, working with manufacturing to improve existing products and developing new manufacturing techniques that benefit GTP and our customers. With hundreds of patents to their credit, our R&D staff continues to stretch the limits of the chemistry of molybdenum and tungsten and their alloys. For more information about our capabilities, please contact our Director of Research & Development Juan Trasorras, Ph.D. at

GTP R&D: W, WC, RTP Powders

The R&D group that supports tungsten oxides, tungsten metal powders, tungsten carbide powders, and ready-to-press powders is positioned to provide applications engineering advice on currently available products as well as development of new products based on customers’ requirements. The group is organized to match the manufacturing areas it supports having the ability to develop and investigate processes and products on both pilot scale and production scale equipment. This ensures product quality and process consistency are maintained during scale up from R&D sample to production size lots. For more information on our research in tungsten products, please contact one of our research scientists.

E-mail Tom Jewett, Ph.D. at or call +1 570 268 5349
E-mail Greg Marking, Ph.D. at or call +1 570 268 5402

GTP R&D: Powders for Energy Exploration

GTP has been producing tungsten powders since the 1940’s. This experience has helped us move into new product areas including tungsten powders for use in energy exploration. Our powders are used in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Our scientists continue to develop powders that extend the life of drilling components extend the search for energy products ever deeper.
For more information on our research efforts in the energy segment, please contact our principal scientist:

Keith Newman, Ph.D. at or call +1 570 268 5501

GTP R&D: Pressed and Sintered Components

GTP manufactures pressed and sintered parts out of tungsten and molybdenum and their alloys as well as interconnects for the solid oxide fuel cell industry. GTP has been working closely our customers in numerous industry segments including defense, aerospace, and energy exploration to provide new and innovative products that meet the demanding requirements of these markets.
If you would like more information on our research efforts in pressed and sintered parts, please contact our Principal Scientist:

Email Salvator Nigarura, Ph.D. at or call at +1 570 268 5170.

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