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The Plansee HPM, GTP, Matmatch, Plansee Group Service and Plansee Holding Whistleblower System provides individuals with the option of reporting violations of the law or of the guiding principles of the Code of Conduct anonymously (if desired) and safely at the European sites.
The platform may be used by employees, customers, suppliers or other individuals in the event of reasonable suspicion.

What topics can the whistleblower system be used for?

Violations of the law and/or violations of the guiding principles outlined in the Code of Conduct of the particular companies. These include:

Reports are encouraged when there is reason to suspect that laws and/or the guiding principles as outlined in the Code of Conduct of the particular companies were violated. These include:

  • Bribery, corruption, anti-trust and anti-competitive business practices, accounting irregularities, fraud, embezzlement, violation of business and trade secrets.
  • Breaches of export control laws.
  • Breaches of environmental and occupational health and safety laws.
  • Breaches of data protection laws.
  • Criminal acts against individuals.
  • Criminal acts such as property offenses or corporate sabotage.
  • Serious violations of duties under labor law.
  • Serious breaches of equality acts.
  • Criminal acts against sexual self-determination or offenses motivated by racism.

How can you make a report?

  • Address your comments to the law firm FS-PP commissioned by the particular companies. Please use the following link:
  • The following reporting channels are available to you on the website:
    Telephone call during normal business hours, direct line +49 30 318 685 932. You can speak directly with one of the attorneys. Sending an e-mail to the dedicated address: Please describe your accusation as precisely as possible in a way that outside individuals are able to understand. Use of an anonymous PO box. For additional information, please visit the website of the law firm FS-PP.
  • The whistleblower system is essentially designed to treat all reports confidentially and ensure the reporting individual’s anonymity, if desired.

What happens once you have submitted a report?

  • The outside law firm FS-PP looks into the report and, if reasonable suspicion of a serious violation exists, passes on the report, along with a legal assessment, to the relevant Compliance Committee of the particular company.  Information, however, will only be passed on if the whistleblower has given his or her express consent.
  • Receipt of a report must be acknowledged within seven days. The time frame for providing feedback to the reporting person must not exceed three months.
  • If the report turns out to be true and a violation of the law is found to have been committed, there may be consequences for the individuals in question under labor or criminal law.

At which locations will the whistleblower system be introduced?

Effective 2/1/2021, the whistleblower system will be introduced for the following locations:
Plansee Holding AG, Plansee Group Service GmbH, Matmatch GmbH, Plansee SE in Reutte with Sales Offices in Europa: Sales Office Germany, Sales Office UK, Sales Office Italy, Sales Office Nordic, Plansee Nederland, Plansee SE, Liezen plant, Plansee Composite Materials GmbH, CIME BOCUZE SAS, Plansee Powertech AG, Global Tungsten & Powders spol. s.r.o., Tikomet Oy

Details on how the data is handled and stored can be found here: Data Privacy Policy

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