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With a finance guarantee, a long-term tungsten ore purchase agreement, and its decades-long tungsten ore concentrate processing experience, the Plansee Group has evolved into a driving force for the reactivation of the Sangdong tungsten mine in South Korea.

The Sangdong mine located in South Korea’s northeast was discovered in 1916 and served as one of the world’s leading tungsten producers for 40 years. Despite rich tungsten ore deposits, the mine ceased production in 1994 as a result of the low price of tungsten. The mine was acquired in 2015 by Almonty Industries.
It is known and valued for its comparatively high tungsten content and high-grade tungsten ore concentrate. Additionally, the tungsten-containing ore is easy to mine. Sangdong is expected to extract and produce high-grade tungsten ore concentrate starting in 2022.

Pictures Copyright Almonty Industries.

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