Why you should join Global Tungsten & Powders.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best and safest places to work. We take great consideration in what our team members want and expect from the company. We strive to be not just a place where you work, but a place where you love to work.

We take great pride in our family-oriented culture. Along with all of our enjoyable company sponsored activities and community involvement, we empower our members through having their voices be heard and ensuring that each and every individual member is making a difference in work, community, and the environment.

We have been in business for nearly 100 years. Without the right people in the right places, we never would have made it this far. GTP is focused on creating a company that will continue to be around for another 100 years and beyond. Together we strive ahead to a bright future!

At GTP we know that people are the key to success.

To succeed, we need to create an environment that works best for our employees. Working with GTP includes real challenges, a fair and competitive salary, and great benefits. 

Real Challenges
We’re large enough to be a big name in the powder metallurgy industry, yet small enough for each and every employee to make a real difference. Our employees are committed, keen to make a difference, quick to take responsibility, and relish every opportunity to put their expertise into practice.

A Fair, Competitive Salary
At GTP, we’re proud of our performance – so we foster it by rewarding our employees’ achievements. We offer competitive market-orientated salaries, based on personal performance and results. Personal progress is acknowledged and highly appreciated.

Great Benefits
When it comes to our benefits and perks, we have everything you’d expect from a large company, like health insurance, retirement benefits and more. Our benefits are part of who we are, and they’re designed to take care of GTP employees, as well as their family. We want to make your life better and easier, and we know that your interests and needs evolve over your lifetime. For this reason we evaluate our benefits regularly and adapt them to fit the needs of our changing population.

At GTP we believe that the benefits of a diverse workforce are immeasurable. We are committed to recruiting, developing, and advancing ethnically diverse professionals through our ranks and into leadership positions. The distinct backgrounds and experiences of a diverse workforce allow GTP to grow in all aspects of business.

GTP is an equal opportunity employer.

This is more than a tag line; it is part of our culture, not because it is required but because it gives us a competitive advantage.  

Life at GTP.

Since our founding GTP plays a positive role in our community. At all three locations our employees are the backbone of GTP's civic efforts and devote time and talent as volunteers for many community events and causes. From the plant floor to the executive offices, our employees are also there to lend a helping hand and to serve those in need. 

Through our Employee Association (GTPEA) we offer numerous events allowing the opportunity to get to know your fellow team members outside the workplace.

It is our belief that employees who maintain a stable balance between work and life are more productive and overall contribute more to the success of the company. We know that life isn't predictable and in being a family-oriented company, we offer our employees paid-time-off, that includes paid sick time, holidays, and vacation. We do our best to work with you when you are faced with inevitable change.

GTP is committed to ongoing education. GTP offers reimbursement for technical and job-related education as an employment benefit. This may include tuition for up to two courses per semester and other education related fees or costs.